Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who is HRG?

Well, that's a fairly broad question. The simplest answer would be that HRG is me, Mr. Bennet. But that's only a name. What is it that makes Mr. Bennet HRG?

Is it the horn rimmed glasses? Most likely.

But there's more behind the rims that people don't know about. I spend my life living in secrecy. Nothing can be taken as truth when it comes to me. I often find myself wondering who am I really working for, why do I continue to hunt Heroes, will Seinfeld ever have a comeback?

We're in a new age, it's true. A good aquaintance of mine, Chandra Suresh, believed human beings were evolving. That was his theory. For me, it was a fact.

So, I write this diary in the hopes that after the great evolution takes place, and there is no more secrecy surrounding the Heroes, people can read it and understand the true me. Hopefully, they'll judge me by the ends and not the means.