Monday, February 5, 2007

The Pinnacle of Solace

Well, I've arrived. Without trying to sound too much like Mohinder Suresh, I would like to point out the great destiny inherent in this day. I woke up knowing it would be a great day. And then I get the mythological call of the siren, Hank.

Sylar is dead! Oh, yeah!

So I set off on my mystical journey. After facing the trials along the way, I arrived at Primatech Paper Company where I found myself amused with the humor of Hank.

Then a trip down memory lane.

With all that epicness going on around me, I had started pondering my own death. Deciding that I didn't want to burden my family 30 years or so down the road, I made my pre-arrangements.

And now here I am. At the peak of Everest. No, metaphorically I mean. I'm actually inside Sylar's cell.

I didn't look around the cell for Hank. I hope I don't regret it and he jumps out of a corner giving me the willies. They'd catch it on our security tape and it'd be so embarassing.

But I wanted to stay brave. Looking around for Hank would only come off as cowardice. It's what he would have wanted me to do. Looking only builds tension.

So, I stood strong and made my way to the table.

But before I could remove the sheet, I had to write an entry in my journal AKA diary.

What is there left to write? I'm here. This is the moment that the entire day has driven me to. Perhaps even my entire life.

It's as though I'm the Jesus of this epic tale. Or better yet, the Luke Skywalker.

I was born a humble little infant, like any other human. Except for maybe Sylar who was born a turd of pure evil. And I grew and learned and adapted and had asthma.

It was an enjoyable childhood. An enjoyable ignorance of what was to come. My later childhood, things went sour. I was picked on by the rest of the students.

My mama, who I think may have died recently because I haven't gotten a Christmas present from her in a few years, always cheered me up. "You are special," she'd tell me. "Don't let the others get to you. You will do great things."

And indeed she was correct. I've done so much incredible things already. And will continue to do incredible things for a good thirty more years or so.

Few people know what I know or have had the chance to do such a thing. It's as though I met the devil himself. But he couldn't harm me with his evil sorcery or pseudo-documentaries.

Some often wonder if I made a deal with the Devil during that meeting. Well, I assure you I did not.

Despite what they say about me, I'm a good guy. At least half of me is. And I'm fighting the good fight. I travel down the halls of Primatech with my twelve disciples in tow.

I took a moment outside the cell, looking at the sheet-covered corpse on the table. Though I'm not a religious man, I could hear God speak to me.

"Go forth my son. You must complete your destiny and bring salvation to the world. Only through you can they hope to escape a life of brainless misery."

I agreed with God, as portrayed by Andy Griffith.

"As you go into the cell, I plan to take a restroom break," God/Andy said.

"Who will watch over me?" I asked.

"Have no fear, my son. My deputy will take over in my momentary absense. Now go, remove the sheet. Complete your destiny. Complete your metaphor."

The death of Sylar itself was a metaphor within my metaphor. I, with my h4x0r rims, represent intelligence, truth and knowledge. Yet, Sylar removes brains from people. He is anti-knowledge. And it is metaphorically through me that the world will become wise.

It's the destiny Andy Griffith bestowed upon me.

How will I bring wisdom? By examining what's under this sheet. By studying and deciphering the genetic code within this metaphorical Darth Maul. And by using my discoveries to combat the Emperor. Unless I work for the Emperor. Then I'm not sure whom I'll combat. But that can be figured out later.

Now, I must remove this sheet.

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...I'm just kiddin'. (^_^)

Have fun discovering dead Sylar! I already found Claire's real dad, so you don't need to worry about that.