Monday, December 3, 2007

Let's Make a Deal

I hope Sylar is back. If he was, then I'd be needed. Nobody rivals my Sylar-hunting skills. I once imaged that I tracked him into Mexico and killed him. Sure, it may sound like a silly notion. Sylar in Mexico, ha! That's like having Richard Simmons in a Flamenco contest. But it did prepare me, readied my mind for the day I would kill him for real.

And now, if he should miraculously reappear, I would have something with which to bargain. I could offer to shoot Sylar in exchange for my family's and my freedom.

Of course, that is assuming Bob would make a deal. It's impossible negotiating with a man who can turn anything gold. No matter what somebody offers, he can always buy it with enough gold. As a result, his Pokemon deck is unbeatable.

I have to escape this place, though. I can't be away from my family any longer. They need me! It's time to choose a briefcase and ask Bob, "Deal or No Deal?" He'd choose "No deal" because he hates NBC. Ever since they canceled Joey, he just hasn't been the same. He would have bought his own station and turned it into a 24-hour Joey network, but Angela Petrelli talked some sense into him.

Perhaps I could convince NBC to give Joey a second chance? I could likely put up with it if it means my family will be safe. But unfortunately, I have yet to bag and tag a TV executive. So, that is out of the question.

But there has to be something. Maybe I can't break Bob due to his negotiation immunity, but perhaps Elle or Mohinder have a weakness that can be exploited. That's one thing I can do, and I do it well and often.

If only Eden was around. She was more than just eye-candy. Her power could help me a lot right now. Since I don't have her power of persuassion, I'll have to use my own power of superior salesmanship and strike some kind of deal with the company.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Once a company man, always a company man, eh?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back with them.