Saturday, September 27, 2008

On The Tele

I turned on the news to see if I could find a lead on where our villains might be. Sure enough, I found one.

"The remains of a woman who was burned alive were found at a local gas station. Authorities suspect she was protesting rising gas prices when something went wrong," the anchor announced.

Something went wrong alright. And it had to do with one of my villains.

Gun in hand, I headed for the door.

Suddenly, the theme song for The Amazing Mutant Race came on with Charles Xavier narrating. Normally, I wouldn't watch, unless Rob & Amber were racing. But this was a special season of The Amazing Mutant Race. Why was it special? Because I'm a contestant! The participation in this reality show was one of the reasons Bob locked me in a cell.

"We can't afford the publicity, Noah," he had said. "We're a secret organization, Noah."

This would have been my last reality show, but luckily Bob was murdered. I suspect Sylar wanted to ensure I would be able to return for Sylar's Bachelor 2.

Anyway, before I head out to bag and tag these villains, I'm going to watch this episode of The Amazing Mutant Race. I already know the outcome. Do you?

This is the second leg of a race around the world.

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Elizabeth said...

My dear, the Villains have nothing to do with this unfortunate incident... Really.
Elle did it.