Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Still Out of Order

Hey, it's me. Mr. Bennet! Yes, for reals! So, where's Claire? Does anyone know?

-Mr. Bennet (Not Candace)


Kitty said...

Candice you bitch. Stop impersonating HRG! I'll never tell you where Claire is! muwahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Claire is the first two-foot to join our Special Task Force Union (also known as the STFU). Together we shall bring down the OWI with our LOLs (Lemurs of Love), OMGs (Outstandingly Militant Gorillas), and our WTFs (Witty but Taciturn Foxes).


-- Comrade Trotsky --

PS: Please find me some paint thinner to help me get this pink paint off my tail. It's really quite demoralizing for a cat of my stature.

Sylar said...

phew! im glad thats rly u n not sum impersonater mr glasses!

D.L. Hawkins said...


Looks like you had some PRETTY GOOD weed there! Wooo hooo please pass the dutchie 'pun the leff hand side!

Professor Xavier said...

Your eyes might not look so creepy if you put your glasses back on.

Niki said...

Hey Candice, love your hair. You use that fancy Suave stuff right? Don't deny your identity, Mr. Bennet's hair never had that healthy shine before.