Sunday, March 4, 2007

Talk with God

I'm starting to become paranoid. Thompson may be suspicious of me. And I think I may start working with either Matt or that new chick. If I work with Matt, hopefully I can control him. I'd be afraid Thompson may want him to spy on me.

And the new girl, Candice. I still don't know what her power is. She's no doubt a Primatech loyal. If I'm working with her, she'd definitely be spying on me.

I'm also afraid to go home, not that I have a home to go back to, but my family is probably suspicious of me too. I've lied to them for years, how can they not be?

So, I turned to the only person still on my side. That metaphorical God-concept in the sky. Andy Griffith.

"What do I do?"

"You work for a paper company," God replied.

"I know that. I mean, what should I do? About my problems and all."

"Well, that's a more difficult question to answer," Andy pointed over at Ted, unconscious on his little table. "What happened to the dead guy that was there?"

"He wasn't dead. Well, the guy under the sheet was, but that was Hank. The prisoner escaped."

"Gosh darn!"

"It's okay. We'll soon get him back. But I'm sure he's out there killing more people. You realize it's your fault right?"

"My fault? I left my deputy in charge. Blame him."

"What kind of God leaves his deputy in charge?"

"Hey! I'll have you know that delegation is the new big thing in management."

I started to lose my faith. I loved the show, but this conversation was going nowhere. I needed answers. I thought back to the last time I had spoken to God, before the Sylar incident. It was ages ago. I was a much younger man, but still as handsome. I cued the flashback.

1992 or something...

"God," I said, "Am I making the right choice? Working for these people?"

"Oh, hey there. I didn't see you come in. God's out. But what can I do you for?"

"I took on this job recently. I was comfortable with morally gray, but now I'm not so sure. Is morally gray good?"

"Gray is a great color. It's also a good last name. Not as good as Fife, but still a good one."

"So you're saying I should stick with the Company?"

"Sure, why not? They pay you, right? Well, that's really all you can ask for in this day and age. Keep your nose down and your whiskers groomed, that's what my father used to say. And it's gotten me where I am today. God's deputy, that is."

"I suppose I could be okay with blind loyalty."

"Yeah, never look back. You're doing what's best."

"Sometimes I just start to doubt it. Especially when I see the experiments we do. Like that one there."

"Oh, my!"

Maybe Deputy God Fife was wrong. I shouldn't blindly follow orders. It's time I start making up for it. I need to do good and right. Even if it means doing immoral things from time to time. I used to think people were fragile, like tea cups. But who the Hades drinks tea? We aren't British, we're American. And I'm going to right the wrongs of the world whether anyone else accepts it or not!


Sylar said...

andy griffith is wut god appears 2 u as? my god is donnie wahlburg!

Kitty said...

My God is Gary Sinise...