Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Passing the Time

Well, it looks like I may be here a while. I don't know what's taking Hana so long. My guess is she found a new evil-doer to thwart on the way over. She probably feels that policeman on horses are conspiring against her!!

So, what to do...well, I could sit here and be miserable, possibly lose my mind, and hallucinate about Pee Wee Herman in the corner (I will definitely puke!) or I could get my mind off my situation with a little game.

So, how about a Photo Caption Contest! It was so much fun the first time.

Here are the rules:

1. Post your captions as a comment here.
2. Keep it somewhat PG-13 (my daughter may be reading this!)
3. Be the best and win!

Now for the pictures:

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5


Sylar said...

a 2 parter! my fav kind of glasses posts!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

My entries, Mr. B:

1. "Don't worry ma'am, I'm a doctor."
"A Doctor with a gun?"

2. "Let me give you a demonstration of my tickle power!"

3. "I may not be a plumber, but I know good pipes when I see them."

4. "Who are we? Why are we here?"

5. "'Let's go to the Smokehouse for dinner,' she says. 'Come on, the food's really good,' she says."

Sharon said...

1. "I know the jacket was fugly, but did you have to kill my daughter to prove your point?"

2. Nathan Petrelli didn't think the people he robbed at gunpoint were meant to look that happy. Or that cute.

3. Watch as Matt demonstrates how NOT to practice Tai Chi.

4. Slightly Whimsical Very Dangerous

5. "Honey, my insulting Mr Muggles is no excuse for arson!"

Ando Masahashi said...

1. HRG: Honey not again.
Sandra: She's a delicious cheerleader!
Matt: Can I join in?

2. Nathan: Perfect! Now you know what position to make when you finally grab that sword.

3. "This pipe will be perfect for my final showdown with Jigsaw."

4. Camera man: Say "bag and tag"!

5. "This flaming alcohol bottle war is nothing compared to the ones I fought in back in the Ghetto"


Mistah Esock said...

1. Sandra: What did you do?!?
Matt: Your husband made me do it.
Mr. Bennet: But I'm just a paper salesman.
Matt: Oh yeah, I forgot.

2. Hiro: Yatta! Flying Man!
Nathan: I'll rip your guts out with telekinesis.
Hiro: I don't speak English.
Nathan: What?
Hiro: I don't know speak English, except that I only know this sentence and the one before.
Nathan: But you just...
Hiro: Qué?

3. Matt: I like to move it, move it, and I'm hungry now!
Rats in the sewer: Aasdvi. Akjbafsodiub.
Matt (after hearing their thoughts): Huh? Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I'M BEING ELECTROCUTED!!!
Rats: Haha.

4. Thompson: Do you like my smile?
Bennet (thinking): I don't feel comfortable with him standing behind me.

5. Bennet: Is it just me, or is it hot in here? My butt is on fire.

~ Carrot!

Jordan said...

ooh, a caption contest! I want in!

Sandra: I... ohhh, Sylar made me do it, babe! Brains really do taste so good...

Hiro: NATHAN-SAN! I USE SECRET NOW! Ultimate protection desu!!

Matt: I'll show them... I AM the 301st Spartan warrior!!

HRG: Can I put my glasses back on now?
Thompson: No, you cannot see what is going on. Now turn your head and cough.

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Justin said...

1. "Did I do that?"

2. "Good news! The hooker isn't dead, she's just unconscious!"

3. Bracing himself for his annual prostate exam.

4. Eric Roberts, MD.

5. Eeek! Fire. Get away, get away!

patfletcher said...

1. "She started it!"

2. "Whoa, you're wearing that?

3. "The pipes were thinking mean things about me."

4. "You promised me ice cream." "I lied!" *cue dramatic music* To be continued...

5. Suddenly, Mr. Bennet regrets shaking his tail feather as he realizes the roof was indeed on fire.

Mr. Muggles said...

1.) I told you two to throw out that bad milk.

2.) If you SURE raise your hands.

3.) Maybe if I pull out this pipe, It would cover my fart.

4.) Bennet, put on your glasses now. She is bent over.

5.) Not the CareBears !!!!

Professor Xavier said...

1. Whoops. I, er, thought I saw her going for a gun. Yeah, that's it.

2. Guess which hand and I will give you a big kiss!

3. Damn these stupid antenas! When are these people going to get cable?

Anonymous said...

5. "Honey, I burnt the toast."

PR said...

5. Was that Popcorn on 2 minutes or 20?