Monday, March 19, 2007


Well, they finally took Ted back to his own cell.

"Me want stay!" he screamed as the drug him out from under the bed. "Glasses no find me yet!"

And now I'm all alone. It's no doubt part of their psychological game. You see, Primatech specializes in playing psychological games with its captives. That's why we use all the puns.

They're no doubt watching me, seeing if I go crazy with all this solitude. But they're forgetting I'm a nerd. I'm used to be alone. This won't get to me.

Of course, I usually have WoW to play, or CS. It's actually kind of hard being alone without any of that. I've been playing Minesweeper, but it's just not doing it for me. I need more! I need people!

Well, virtual people anyway. People are overrated, like tea cups. I mean, who even uses tea cups these days? Why bother with the fragile little pieces of ceramic crap? They're too small to fill with a worthwhile drink anyway.

Okay, maybe I am going a little crazy. It's like the room is getting smaller. My only outlet is this web log! The walls can close in on me, but I'll still be able to escape into cyberspace.

And cyberspace is a nice place. There's so much joy here. It's much better than here in this cell. I think I may not be alone anymore! I heard something!

Ah! There it is!

Maybe if I don't move...

..if I don't make any sound... won't notice me!

I'm scared!


Nathan Petrelli said...

I emitted a scream when I saw that photo. Don't worry, if I don't make it to TX to rescue you, that hot chick in leather will certainly help you out.

Edward Udora said...

*shudder* not Pee Wee!!!! Anything but him! Even leprechauns aren't as bad!

P.S. WoW is the only social interaction you should need in captivity Mr. Bennet. Why I go for days without human contact when I play it.

Hatter said...

O god not Pee Wee Hermin!

Don't worry, Mister Bennet! We'll come and save you as well! I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

Heh heh. You play WoW? What server are you on? Me n' Mr. Cheney play, too. Hope yer not one of them Alliance folks.

We hav ea sayin' on my server -- "If yer not with the Horde, then yer probably with the Alliance." Heh heh.

-- Devil Bush