Saturday, March 17, 2007


Today I was lucky enough to get a visitor. Unfortunately, it was Ted.

"Me angry with glasses!"

"Why's that?"

"You put me here! I want run free and hunt but you make Ted be trapped."

"I didn't do it, Ted. My evil boss shot you, remember? He's the one you want. I've switched sides!"

"Want play scrabble?" Ted asked me.

I thought, What the heck! We started playing, but the game got boring really quick.

Ted's only words were 'ooh' and 'grrr'. Needless to say, they weren't in the Scrabble Dictionary.

"You know what, Ted? Let's take a break from Scrabble. How about we play hide and seek?"

"Me hide! Me hide!" He said and ducked under the bed.

I started counting out loud. Meanwhile, I flipped open the Primatech laptop they issued me. I had to unhack it as well so they wouldn't track my activities.

I decided to get caught up on Sylar's Blog. He was still posting on it, despite no longer being my captive. Even with me changing sides, I'm still his enemy. So, if I ever get out of here, maybe his blog can help me find him and kill him.

I was amazed at the post I saw. It was from Hana! Hana was posting on Sylar's blog! The good news is she is now on her way to rescue me. I hope she has a decent plan. Maybe we can get Matt and Ted in on it too. Well, we'd need some fish or something to offer Ted so he stays happy and doesn't blow us up.

"Hehe!" Ted jumped out from under the bed. "Glasses no find Ted! Me under bed! Me hide good!"

"Yes, you hid very well, Ted."

"Again!" he ducked back under the bed.

I hope Hana gets here soon.

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Sylar said...

u only care about my blog wen hana posts on it :(