Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thank the Maker

Well, I'm still alive! Thank God. I must have a guardian angel watching over me. After all that has happened it's a miracle to still be alive.

Of course, I don't really remember what all happened. But apparently it was crazy dangerous! I lost Claire, but it seems that was my plan. And I was shot! Maybe that was my plan too. Normally I don't like being shot, so there had to have been a good reason.

But now how do I find Claire? First thing's first. How do I escape?

Well, some people think I'm stupid for not realizing it, and they're underestimating me. I know Primatech's plan, giving me my Blackberry so I can lead them to Claire. I used the same thing on Sylar.

People forget how 1337 I am. I unhacked my Blackberry and redirected the tracker. Now, they'll see the activity of Mohinder's Blackberry instead. All those big words should confuse them.

And now I'm free to find Claire and plan my escape. My only hope is Hana. Sooner or later she'll find my blog and come to my aid. And after she's done, maybe we can rescue Sandra and what's his name too.

Oh, and Mr. Muggles! We can only hope they haven't found him. If they were to discover the experiments I've been doing, the powers I've given Mr. Muggles, why there would be no stopping them. I can't let them get their nasty hands on that kind of technology.

I just got a text message!

"They are going down!! I'm on my way!!!!"

It was clearly Hana. She will be here soon. And I'll be saved. Thank the maker!

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Sylar said...

ur getting a partner 2!!!
u shud free the caveman or the fat dislexic guy n form ur own charlies angels fighting force! we cud haf a showdown lol!!