Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I finally found her! Sprague, Parkman and I arrived in New York at some plaza or something and she was there with Peter.

I think Peter's about to explode. "Peter's going to explode!" Claire said.

"That's great hun. Wait until you hear what I've been through! Lots of things happen on a trip across the country."

"We don't have time, Dad! We have to help Peter."

"Listen young lady, you may be a fugitive, but you're still my daughter and you're going to listen to my tales. We can worry about Peter later."

Ted said, "Me want hear story!"

Peter started glowing a lot.

"So," I began, "Parkman here was the navigator, and before we knew it, we wound up in Hobbs, New Mexico. New Mexico, Claire! Ha! You'd think something like that would only happen in a wacky comedy movie, but it's true. Poor Parkman....we gave him a hard time about it."

"It's not my fault," Parkman said, "I have dyslexia!"

"Haha, dyslexia, good one!" Ted said. He started jumping up and down hollering, "Dyslexia, dyslexia! Me got dyslexia...look! Me go wrong way." He ran into a pole and we all had a good laugh at Parkman's expense.

"Now can we save Peter?" Claire asked.

"Wait, there's more!" I said. I proceeded to tell her about our travels, but then I got a great idea. "Wait!" I said and pulled out my laptop. "I'm going to write about the trip in my blog too."

Oh, Claire was so anxious to hear about my journey. She couldn't wait. I guess that's why she kept telling me to hurry and get on with it. But like any good story, timing is key. You can't rush 'em, you have to build the right about of suspense.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Poor Parkman, that schlub can never catch a break, can he?

Anonymous said...

I cnat udnerstand a wrod yuo'er tpynig! Tyep liek a nromal persno! Gdo. At lesat I can undrestadn Prakman!