Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thank God It's Here!

Well, I had planned to warn everyone about a possible Sylar from the future, but I forgot it was Wednesday night. So that didn't happen.

Before I headed off to New York with Sprague and Parkman, I had to break into a furniture store to catch the new episodes of Thank God You're Here and LOST. It was too dangerous to go home and watch it. Thus, my Tivo is wasting its time recording them, but I appreciate its loyalty nonetheless.

We left Sprague outside to stand guard. He sat on the curb, and probably fell asleep. The other reason was we didn't want him getting upset if this LOST episode sucked and was just a filler, then we'd have to deal with another nuclear meltdown.

So, Parkman and I broke in the back door and found the biggest HDTV in the store. Parkman reached for the remote and was about to push the power button.

"NooOOOocooO~!" I screamed and dived over a coffee table, knocking the remote from his greedy little paws. "Someone will see the light from the TV. We have to cover up the windows."

"Oh, ok."

"You start putting those mattresses along the windows while I check the motion sensors."

"Alright." He replieid. He began lifting a mattress off a bed, then looked at me and said, "Hey, wait a minute!"

I turned.

"You already disabled the motion detectors," he said. "You just want me to do all the work."

"What? No, it's not like that at all."

"Hello! I'm a mind-reader."

Crap! I forgot to plot in Japanese.

"You know, I'm going to learn Japanese one of these days, and then when you try that Japanese trick on me, it'll backfire."

Crap! I forgot to think my admission of guilt in Japanese.

"Just get over here and help me."


Professor Xavier said...

I was wondering how they were going to work Syler into this episode. I guess that means we have another hero to meet. A Skrull.

Sylar said...

OMG, there's no such thing as future Sylars lol!

-Future Sylar

omg mr glasses hes totally telling the truth!

- present sylarz

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Matt Parkman has got to be my favorite working-class schlub whose wife cheated on him but now she's sorry and he got kicked off the force but he's got a baby on the way and he can read minds of all.

Anonymous said...

Are you still married? I'm already juggling Nathan and Mohinder (it's nothing serious, really. Just twinkies here and there!) I figured I may as well round it out with a third.

If you give me Twinkies, I won't "accidentally" sit on any of your team members, I promise.

~ Lana