Sunday, October 28, 2007

Who Wants to be a Super Villain?

So, The Haitian and I checked into our hotel room and started preparing for our big mission. He had to shower first, so that meant I had 3 or 4 hours to waste. Time to surf the net!

That's when I saw me, the wonderful man in horn-rimmed glasses.

Yep, it was that reality show I did a while back. I needed the prize money (I thought there was going to be prize money), so I signed on. Plus, I have a tendency toward being evil, so it was good to get it out of my system in a productive way.

Of course, I'm still evil when times call for it. Oh, well.

Anyway, tune into the reality blog show and cheer me on. I've had two posts so far:

Horn-Rimmed Villainy

Mingling Madness

Other contestants include and may be limited to:

TX - A cyborg assassin from the future.
Army of (Cl)one - A stormtrooper with a personality.
Bruce Cain - A man...uh...I really don't know what he is.
Magneto - A metal-obsessed evil-doer with a goofy helmet.
Gyrobo - A crazy little robot who invented the two party system.
Dr. Nemonok - My shrink's brain in a jar.

The judges or whatever are:

Capitan Koma - He's sort of like an evil Peter Petrelli in a purple hood.
Deadpool - I think he's like Spider-Man without the webby stuff.
Henchman 432 - Your typical stooge.
Synth-Lin - A synthetic Lindsay Lohan (I competed with her in Last Gladiator Standing 2).

Will I win? Will I be the greatest super-villain the world has ever seen? Will Mohinder and Sylar ever be reunited? Find out by watching Who Wants to be a Super-Villain!

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Anonymous said...

Villian? But I thought you were just "morally grey", Mr. Butler? Or, "Morally Purple", as it is at the moment. [Your manager needs more than just a "talking to", if you know what I mean. Maybe he'd cry if you shaved off that little porno-stache that he's been growing since he hit puberty? That could up your villainy!]