Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well, we got lots of responses. And finally, the winners. Included are some honorable mentions as well. If you are one of the winners, be sure to email me and let me know your forum name so you get your promotion.

Photo #1

"Alright! Who ate the last of the key lime pie?!?!" - Robocop

Honorable Mentions:
"Be very very quite, I'm hunting Sylar's." - Darkflame
"Who do I have to shoot to get some breakfast around here?" - Tramlaw

Photo #2

Darth Vader: "Elmo, Come to the dark side!" Elmo: "That tickles!" - Javi H

Honorable Mentions:
"I want a paternity test, because I'm not his father!" - Kristyg921
"Are YOU on the List?" - Beatles_Fan_1990

Photo #3

"I say do you mind, were trying to have nearly killed sex here." - Darkflame

Honorable Mentions:
"Oh! It's supposed to be simulated?" - Robocop
"Maybe it wasn't a good idea to let The Haitian watch." - Catalina12

Photo #4

Come on, Greg, focus on the director and you won't feel like a pedophile. - ChristyK

Honorable Mentions:
"Why couldn't it be save the policeman. save the world?" - KristyG921
"Sure, she was cute in "Remember The Titans" but if she doesn't stop following me around I swear I'm going to beat her over the head with this mic." - Cheek3471

Photo #5

"Petrelli gets to fly, Mendes can paint the future, Claire regenerates and what do I get stuck with? I can fart Care Bears!" - Mr. Bean

Honorable Mentions:
"The Care Bears got my back, yo!!" - Tramlaw
"This is how I roll." - Semimafia


Spoon Fed said...

I know your address!! You can't hide!! We're coming for you, Mr. Glasses!!!!

Darkflame said...

Sweet, I got metioned twice :)