Sunday, November 4, 2007

Frightened Geneticist

As if I don't have enough things to worry about, Mohinder calls me up complaining that his new partner is a crazy, murderous psycho. You'd think that would make him feel better. They're good to have on your side. But apparently this one is strong-arming him into giving up his morals. She already made him eat a cheeseburger!

I've tried to advise Mohinder. I told him to find a way to manipulate her. Everyone has a weak spot, find hers. I think it is no secret that mine is Claire. Maybe her weakness is her child. I'd do anything to protect my little Claire Bear. Maybe she'll do the same for her little weenie boy. But apparently Mohinder has some problem with child kidnapping. I'll have to make a few threats to motivate him. He's such a pushover.

"Just kidnap her little weenie boy!" I said.

But Mohinder wouldn't listen. He's got so much going on in his life, it's like watching a bad soap opera. If it's not problems with his new company partner, it's his fear for Molly's life. I told him not to hand her to the company. Kids are weaknesses! I know this. That's why I know Micah is Niki's.

I finally got him to consider the kidnapping. He said he'd have to talk it over with Matt, though. They don't make any big decisions on their own anymore. Speaking of Matt, Mohinder is worried about him. When he's not cowering about Niki, he's sobbing about Matt being gone longer than expected. I reassured him that Matt is a good cop and can read minds. He'll be fine.

Mohinder just needs to man up. I've never met such a wimpy Hindu. Can you believe this is what I have to bank my future on?

I'm tired of being surrounded by fearful idiots. It's as if I'm the only one who's ever had covert operation training. I'm starting to miss Ivan. If I knew how incompetent everyone around me was, I'd have coerced him into joining me. Niki, if you're reading this, make Mohinder into a man. I hear that's your specialty, that and intestinal spillage. Do whichever works.

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Sylar said...

LOL, Mr. Glasses, I can be like, totally not incompetant! And these days, it seems I'm not so fearful anymore since my womanly tendancies are fading away!