Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holy Prophecy

For years I've been unsure of my ethical standing. Am I a bad guy? Am I a good guy? Everything is so black and white, or at least it seemed so. How could I be a good guy when I shoot my partner Ivan? But how can I be a bad guy when the reason I shoot him is to protect Claire and save the world from an evil paper company?

It was quite a stressful life. So, in a way, it was good for me to die. I was able to put that all behind me. Now, I see the truth. I am the chosen one.

I realize that life isn't black and white. Even The Holy Bible, where most people get their morals, shows how God can be evil AND good. The key is to never admit to being evil. As long as I believe I'm good, then everything evil I do is a good thing.

So now I'm ready to fulfill my destiny. I'm ready to go out into the world and do some evil good. I've got a prophecy to fulfill.

As soon as I find a way out of this place, I'll be able to begin my journey. Bob and Elle will have to die of course. As for Mohinder, I've already got a revenge scheme planned for him.

After all that evil good, I'll have to do some good good. While I was dead, I was thinking about how Claire can heal herself. If only there was a way to utilize her power on others. Think of all the people I could save! But how? Hmm....maybe it's just impossible.

But there's plenty of other good to do in the world, other than healing people. Sure, Jesus could heal the sick and unblind the sightless. I could always distribute Tylenol and bifocals. It's almost as holy a mission as his, and the product placement could gain me lots of cash.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, I think Bob saved you! You're gonna kill the man who saved you?

Elizabeth said...

Don't kill Bob, astral twin! He has so cute eyes.
And shoot Elle. I hate the bitch!

Anonymous said...

Why did you shoot Elle in the arm? Your aim is getting worse, or you are getting softer. Either way, it sucks! You can't protect your Claire-bear if you act like this!