Thursday, November 29, 2007

OOoOooh Morpheeen!

I don't know WHAT they did to me, but I like it. I can see so clearly now! Well, there's still a blurry vision because I have no new glasses yet. Mohinder you fiend!!!

But the colors....they're so bright. Mohinder you fiend!!

And all the animals in my room. It's like they enjoy my company. I'm just here, and they're there. And there their there they're dare!

I was wondering why Bob lost his hair. And then I realized he must have forgotten where he put it. "Where'd you put your hair?" I asked him.

"What hair?" he replied. Oh, he's such a silly, silly man.

I decided that I would form a search party for him. But he told me I needed to relax and just let the drugs run through my system. I don't have a system! Mohinder you fiend!

Lucky for me there aren't any turkeys at this paper company. Turkeys...always...make me....cry! I just don't understand why people have to be so mean. It's not like books are eating anyone. Why do we have to wear shoes on public buses anyway?

After these drug thingies wear off, I gots lots to do. Lots! People to go, places to kill and the peet! My god, the peet! One often wonders why camels would smoke cigarettes. That would be my last desire in a desert. I don't even smoke cigarettes underwater. Sometimes I eat Reese's Pieces, though.

Claire likes ninjas. Or is it Barbies? I bought her a ninja for Christmas. Don't tell her. Sandra and I hid it in our closet. But now I'm locked away! I really wanted to be there when that ninja came out of the closet. I have to escape! Escapade! Mohinder you fiend!

I can tunnel! I'll tunnel through to a gravy train. But then the cows will be expecting that, so I have to tip them or the waiter's union will strike. Nobody wants that.

Like I was saying, nothing says butter like an evil peanut from Venus.


Anonymous said...

Your hallucinations are as cool as you, man!

Veronica said...

Best post EVER.... ish

West said...

My journal looks like that after I forget to take my lithium for a few days. (Just don't tell that to my therapist!)