Friday, November 23, 2007

Holy Tomb

I need my resurrection to be known to the world. I need Claire to know I'm still alive. But since I banned the Internet in our house (for safety reasons), I have no way of contacting her. I'm trapped here, in my tomb.

But where am I? It looks like one of my old paper storage rooms, but with better decor. Could the company have brought me back to life? Am I now a cyborg forced to do their bidding? Will I no longer require restroom breaks?

Nothing can be said for sure. I'm still too afraid to leave my bed and explore. I watched these movies about people who would awake in some elaborate trap. Some would be forced to saw off their own foot to escape, or even cut out their own eyes. Several of the victims made the mistake of rushing into things. As soon as I step off this bed, a timer could start, counting down to my death by squishing or something super bloody like that.

But if this is the company, then I don't think they'd do that. I'm not sure why they'd bring me back though. I've killed hundreds of people while working for them and not once did they bring anyone back. They never even regretted any of the killings. So why me?

Could it be that there's a meaning to my life that I haven't counted upon? I know my Claire Bear is special. She's been the subject of prophecy. And I've sworn to protect her. But all this time...could I have been the one needing protection? Is there a prophecy about me?

My only conclusion is that I am indeed being held by the company. The reason has to be that they've uncovered a prophecy about me. What could it be? What am I meant to do with my second life? And can I still collect my life insurance?


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Or maybe you're at a Chuck E Cheese's. Do you see a ball pit nearby?

Bob said...

Hai…is Bob here. I no liek wat is happen wit Bennet. Wai Mohinder shoot hem…is it bcuz I told hem too? I feel bad nao…so bad I lai to cheerleader an hide bodee. I make bodee live again :D

Maybe me an bodee can be frenz. Before, Bennet no liek me. But I jus want too be frenz.

Will u b mah frend? I will keel u if no :D

Anonymous said...

Poor guy, you must be cold. Didn't they give you clothes? It's so sad, Claire-bear thinks you died.