Friday, November 9, 2007

Moving Troubles - Part 1

"Danger, Will Robinson!" my robot would have shouted, had I owned one and had Will Robinson been my name. The Butlers were indeed facing a dangerous situation. And it's all Claire's fault.

"If only we had a robot," I said.

"You're a robot!" someone called from the sky. I looked up to see nobody. Perhaps I was hearing things.

"Relax, Dad," Claire said. "You're like freaking out for no reason. All I did was scare a snooty cheerleader, like, out of her mind. So what if it's in the paper. She was so totally drunk; nobody will believe her."

"Have you learned nothing from Men in Black?" It was a required film for all members of this household. "Crazy news articles are how all secret organizations find their bag and tag victims. It's even how Sylar found you in Odessa!"

"But like, the company knows me as Claire Bennet. They won't be looking for an article about Claire Butler. There's no way anyone could figure out that's me, not even an evil paper company.

"Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Company," I warned. "We're moving, Missy. And that's final!"

Sandra looked confused. "Who's Missy?" she asked.

I called the movers who arrived shortly with a large truck.

"Hello, Mr. Butler," the mover said, shaking my hand.

"No, no," Sandra interrupted. "We're the Bennets. That's just our cover name. Would you like some muffins?"

I grabbed the tray of muffins from Sandra and swung it into the mover's face.

"Oh, my god, Dad! Why do you always do that?" Claire stormed off.

I quickly called The Haitian. "Hey, I need a memory wipe for someone."

"I'm on my way. Who's the target?" he questioned.

"He's our mover."

"Will I have to load furniture?"

"No, just the memory wipe."



"That's what you said last time."

"Yeah, yeah," I said, "Just get over here pronto."

The Haitian arrived as the moving man regained his consciousness. The Haitian put his hands on the man's forehead.

"What am I doing here?" the man asked.

"Helping us move," I said. "We had a coupon for one free move, remember?"


I glared at The Haitian. "Great! I thought you were more precise than that? Now I'm going to have to pay the guy."

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Claire B said...

When you're done with the mover, I need him. I him to need to move my stuff to my new box over by the playground.