Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Am I Good or Evil?


People are always asking that question of me, so I felt I should clear it up once and for all.

Am I evil? Sure. I park in handicap spots, even though my legs work fine. I have even undertipped a waitress before.

But the condition is only temporary. I rarely commit evil acts while sleeping. Sometimes I take a shower without even having a single evil thought.

Am I good? Of course. I always pay my taxes on time. I also use my blinker when changing lanes.

My life is full of choices. Choices only I can make. And every time I choose what is best. Not what is good. Not what is evil. But what is best.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Man is not one, but two,
He is evil and good,
And he walks the fine line
We'd all cross if we could!

It's a nightmare -
We can never discard -
So we stay on our guard - [...]
Look behind the façade!"

--"Façade," Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical