Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Continued Solace

I had to come back to my journal AKA diary to write some good news.

I was visiting the family in between Sylar-testings when I got a call from Hank.

"Yo, my man, this is Hank-dog, coming at ya!"

"What is it Hank?" I was annoyed at the call. It was family time, and he was interrupting.

"Well, you know that one dude with the brain-eating thing?"


"Yeah, foo, that's his name! Well, he, uh, died man."

I had mixed feelings. First, I was thrilled he was gone. Even as a weak little bed-ridden moron he posed a threat to my Claire Bear. But secondly, I wanted him to suffer. Suffer for what he did to Eden. Suffer like the 49ers fan he is.

"I'll be right there." I said.

Of course, I lied. I'm taking my time getting there. It's such a lovely day, I'd hate to just rush back to work. No, I had to write about this call. Afterall, Sylar's death only adds to the wonders of this day.

I'm taking my journal AKA diary along with me so I can write about every sweet sound and every wonderous smell along the way. This is truely a great day!


bubble burster said...

A great day? Come on MB, you oughta know better, you know the calm before the storm and all that. I have a really bad feeling that its going to be the worst day of your life thus far and you have my sympathy, Your HRGness.

Anonymous said...

You seem to harbor a great deal of anger towards this Sylar.

Did he not make a pretty dress for your daughter or something?


Sylar said...

Yo, dawg, this is Hank, writing from Sylar's computer! He looks totally fly, even lyin dead on this table. He's totally DA BOMB. Anyways get your hot self...I mean yourself down here to claim his body, foo!

Mr. Bennet said...

Hank? Do you have a cold, you sound rather girly. Anyway, I'm on my way! I told you I'll be there. I'm just planning on how to enter the cell...

I was thinking about not looking in the corners as I walk in to gleefully remove the sheet that you surely placed over Sylar's corpse.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to put him in a pretty pink dress first before you bury him. I read that in his online will on myspace.

Hey, I could even bum him a dress from our stage production. Would you like one, too? I'm sure I could find one in your size. You'd just have to guarantee that you wouldn't shoot it first.