Monday, January 22, 2007

The Effects of Music

Have you seen Ghostbusters II? It's a great movie. You should definately check it out.

But I only mention it because it gave me a scientific idea.

We've been studying Sylar for a while now, without learning much of anything. I gave him a laptop to monitor his activity online. And all he does is download New Kids on the Block music. I don't like their music. I won't listen to it. I don't care how new they are or what block they're on.

So, on Ghostbusters II, there's this gooey stuff. It holds a ton of evil energy inside it. It's basically an amorpheous glob of negative energy. The Ghostbusters II run some tests on it.

One of the tests is the effects of music. They played a song and the ooze went all crazy, splattering everywhere.

Then, at the end [*SPOILER ALERT*], they made some kind of anti-goo and sprayed it all around the Statue of Liberty. And they played Higher and Higher. The anti-goo liked it. It absorbed the positive energy from the uplifting song, and the cheers from the people in the streets and was able to counteract a big shell of non-anti-goo.

How's that relate to Sylar? Well, I know he's not exactly goo, but he's evil. 98% evil to be exact. And that got me thinking. If non-anti-goo can be turned to anti-goo with the right positive energy through music, then couldn't a non-anti-Sylar be turned into an anti-Sylar?

So, I had the idea. I just needed to trick Gabriel into being tested, like we did with the laptop. So, I told him "Tell you what, since you've been so good, with the exception of killing Eden and eating some child's brain, I've decided to let you do whatever you want. Your fun day. And we'll help out with whatever it is you want to do."

Of course he was going to want to put on a musical. I just knew it!

"I want to be Maria," he said. "And feel pretty and witty and gay!"

We'll see how the musical goes. Rufus and The Haitian signed up too. I'm playing some cop or something. I think it's a minor part, so hopefully during most of the play I can be in the audience taking notes on my experiment.

Gabriel is so excited about it. He told me afterwards he's going to blog about it so that all his friends, that still have brains, can "feel the essence of my happy musical," as he put it. We're planning the plays reception afterwards to be held at the Burnt Toast Diner. Another experiment: Test the effects of waffles on evil.

The play's about to start. If you're into that kind of thing, I suppose you could check out theBurnt Toast Diner's blog. It should be an enjoyable reception.

I'm sure the critics will linger around during the after-party, spouting their comments on the performance. Hopefully they won't be too harsh.


Sylar said...

omg ghostbusters i luv that movie!
rick moranis and harold ramis r totally hot. ;)

Anonymous said...

the bad slime Egon and Ray were testing is Called "Mood Slime" it was given the name by Peter Venkman. That was the Bad Mood Slime and the Goo they used to spray inside the statue of liberty was Good Mood Slime.