Sunday, January 28, 2007

It has begun...

The fight against Hana is happening as we speak! Primatech is calling on all its agents to help in this. Employees should log in to find further instructions.

Hana won't survive this attack. I'm certain of it.

After my trip to China, it's frustrating having to deal with problems here as well. There's just so much going on right now, it's hard to find time to spend with the family, not that I'd want to do that. But having the time to spend with them could mean I could use that time to finish my novel or watch TV.

We brought Jake back from our trip. I'll probably throw him in with Sylar. We're out of anti-power rooms. Not that he'd need one I suppose. What can he do? Insult me in 600 languages? Ha!

Well, I don't really have time to even be writing a diary entry today. There's just so much work to be done. Hopefully the Primatech agents don't slack off with their assignment. Otherwise that will just add to my workload.

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