Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mano a Womano

It's definately Hana.

She's the only person that could be 1337 enough to break into our site. Luckily, she's underestimated my own leetness.

As she hacks away at our computer code, I've been hacking away at her own genetic code. I believe I've isolated her "wireless" gene.

We've been running tests on Gabriel. He has weakened as a result. The drugs are also to blame. And so far we still have no answers.

I have to know how he altered his DNA. With that information, I could reverse Hana's ability. Cure her. Stop her. I will be continuing my tests and interrogation of Gabriel. This may require help.

She may get through the website. But when she comes for me, I'll be ready. Mano a Womano.

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