Thursday, January 18, 2007

China Owes Me

Yes. That's right. The big, ol' commie nation owes me $32.50.

I bought a PEZ Dispenser. And it said, "Made in China." I was cool with that, until I got home and the instructions were all screwed up.

They said, "To have candy in digest take it through neck into machine lift pan clockwise with medicine."

Well, after a few hours of trying to do that, I gave up. I called their help number "0599358838443" and figured it out after about three hours on the phone with Kwang, or Kwong, or maybe Quon. No, wait. It was Wayne.

Everything was fine, until I got a bill for $32.50 from the phone company. I told them I wasn't going to pay and that China was responsible because in it the PEZ dispenser was made. But so far I haven't gotten anything out of the country. I paid the phone bill, to keep my service running. But I expect reimbursement!

China, I'm talking to you, punk!


Mr. Muggles said...

You can always just eat the candy or just drop it on the floor..hint..hint.

Mistah Esock said...

Why would he do that? Then dogs would eat it...

Anonymous said...

I think that's the point Mr. Muggles suggested ;)