Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Escaping Japanese

This is just great.

I had finally finished watching several TV shows with Sylar and The Haitian and was about to head out to apprehend the next villain on my list. "Let's just switch the monitor back to security footage," I said turning the dial. "Oh, come on," I exclaimed, "they're escaping!"

"Not very good writing if you ask me," Sylar commented. "I see this plot all the time. It's the old belt in the air vent routine."

"Go take care of it," I said to The Haitian.

Meanwhile, I headed in to see Angela. "Hey, your worshipfulness," I said, using the title she chose for herself, "your step-son is escaping through the vents."

"Oh, relax, Noah," she casually replied. "You and I both know those vents won't allow for his girth."

"The Haitian is already seeing to them."

"Good. Have him bring them to me," she ordered. "I've got a special mission for the little nerds."

"If you need me," I said exiting her office, "I'll be out villain-hunting."

"Actually, Noah," she called to me, "before you do that, would you be a dear and pick up my dry cleaning?"

"Yes." I really miss Bob. He always bought a new suit each day on the way to work. No sense in dry cleaning when you've got unlimited funding.

"Yes, what?" Angela asked.

I sighed, "Yes, your worshipfulness."

I really miss Bob.

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