Sunday, October 12, 2008

Follow Me

"Come with me if you want to live."

Yes, I do Arnold impersonations. It's just one of my many, many talents. My mysteriousness usually overshadows just how talented I am. People see me and they say, "Wow, he's mysterious," completely neglecting my talent.

But now you can love me for my talent, my mysteriousness and more! And not only that, you can show your love and admiration by following me. Thanks to Blogger's new Followers gadget.

From what I hear, it works a lot like (and in tandem with) Google Reader. You can subscribe to blogs and you add to their overall Follower numbers.

Burnt Toast Diner has added a Follower gadget, so if you read it, go add yourself to the list. Apparently it rotates pictures of the followers, which means some of our readers could see a tiny version of your head!

And who wouldn't want that kind of fame?

So, come follow me if you want to live...a good and harmonious Blogger life, that is. Whether you're Joe Six Pack or Miss Alaska you'll feel like a true patriot when you become a Follower of your many, many favorite blogs. See their Followers number grow and feel the pride in saying, "I'm one of those nameless supporters."

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