Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Man with the Plan in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses


What's got me so happy?

Well, I have the perfect plot to get rid of Sylar once and for all! That's right, no more Gabriel Gray/Petrelli.

I was looking through the files on the villains and came across Stephen Canfield. He's going to be my hero.

Stephen's special power is creating vortices. He can send anything (and anyone) to God knows where by sucking them up in one of his black holes.

And that's what's going to happen to Sylar. He's going to be vacuumed away into the netherworld.

"Stop touching that," I said to Sylar who kept changing the radio station.

"But I'm looking for The Beach Boys!" he whined.

"Well, maybe you should search for them in another dimension," I snickered thinking about my upcoming triumph.

"Ooh, that would be totally fun," he replied, "I'm picking up good, multi-dimensional vibrations!" he sang.

"Shut up and eat your apple," I said cooly, then added in a whisper, "it'll be your last."

"Mr. Glasses, like, I can totally hear whispers, silly," he said. "What do you mean it will be my last?"

I just smiled and stared straight ahead.

Then, he said, "Oh! Duh! Lol, cause it's almost winter!"

I drove happily to our destination, trying to imagine the horrors in store for Sylar on the other side of one of these vortices. It filled me with such pleasure, a feeling I haven't felt since I reported my one-armed algebra teacher for beating students with his hook. He had been immediately transferred to elementary school. I'm sure an alternate dimension would be nearly as bad and looked forward to sending Sylar there.

"Like, ready to do this or what?" he asked getting out of the car in a manner that could only be described as gleefully.

"I've been waiting for this my entire life," I replied, pulling my gun.

"OMG, Mr. Glasses! You're so bad ass."

"Yes. Yes, I am."

My plan was perfect. My life's work was about to be complete. Nothing and no one could stand in my way.

To be continued....

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Anonymous said...

You spoke too soon, Mr Bennet.