Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tutoring a Monster: Part 1

"So, I've got a plan for catching the remaining villains," I said to Angela as I laid out my presentation materials on her desk. I rolled out a map of the US and continued, "As you know, the villains only want to destroy things, kill people, and get revenge on The Company." I picked up a Lego figurine and said, "This is me."

I placed my little stand-in on the map. "I will--"

Angela thumped Lego Me across the room.

"Well, I don't think that's a very good plan," I commented.

"Bennet, I need something from you," she told me.

I reminded her, "I'm married."

"Not that," she replied, "...yet. As you know, my baby Gabriel is locked up on Level 5. I'm worried about him. Being incarcerated means he can't get a proper education, and I don't want another retarded son." She looked me over and said, "You seem like a smart man, Bennet. I want you to teach my boy the basics: Reading, Writing and--"


"Arithmetic," she finished.

"Same thing."

I couldn't say no to the boss, so I went down to Level 5.

"Hello, Gabriel," I said through the super-strength Plexiglas barrier. "I'm your tutor."

He giggled.

To be continued...

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Elizabeth said...

If you need decaf or chocolate or anything, I'm your side-sidekick.
(Just to remind you, I'm an absolutely free side-sidekick, no paying required. Although a hug once a week would be nice.)