Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Artistic Endevours

Wow, these poems on Burnt Toast Diner are great! I really loved Isaac's. Of course, mine is the best.

Why would Isaac and mine be so good? Well, we're both artists! I know, you're thinking, But you're just a paper salesman! Well, I think I've been fired. They haven't said, nor have I received severance pay. But even so, I'd probably quit anyway.

So, Isaac and I are both artists. Sure, he is a painter, not a literary artist. But art is a silly thing. You either have it, or you don't. And when you have it, like I do, you can do so much with it. You may choose to devote yourself to one medium, such as Isaac has done. Or, like myself and Leonardo DaVinci, you may wish to be a Renaissance Man. I think that was DaVinci...oh, not him. DeVito! Like myself and Danny DeVito, you may wish to be a Renaissance Man.

It is unfortunate to for mankind, really, that I am locked in this cell. If I were free...well who knows what great things I'd be doing. Perhaps I'd repaint the Sistine Chapel or something grand like that.

But instead I'm back at my old paper place. It's rather depressing. But the artist in me thrives on depression, or any extreme emotional state.

I'm starting to think they'll never let me out of here. So, perhaps I should start on a long term project to express my artistic side. Sure, the poem was fun. But it was barely a page long. I have nothing but time here. It's like being in prison without the anal unpleasantries.

So, I think I'll do it! I'll start work on my novel. How hard can it be? With my natural, raw talent and literary geniusness, it should be a piece of cake! I just need some characters and a plot, then I'm sure it'd just write itself.

Hmm....let me think...


Kitty said...

Mr. Glasses, sorry I was on leave for so long, I will be reading your newer posts, and I WILL be getting you an awesome present on your burfday.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

If you're writing a mystery, start with the ending and work your way backwards. I hear that's how you do it.