Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Ted started tearing his crocodile toes, I mean, chicken strips apart and viciously devouring them.

"So, what's the plan, Bennet?" Matt asked.

"Well, after these waffles, I'm getting some cherry pie. You should try some. It's delicious here."

"I mean about Linderman. You said whoever is left standing after taking out the tracking systems will go after him. Are you saying we might die?"

"No die!" Ted screamed and jumped up on the table. He waved his arms around grunting and hollering.

My delightful waffles were ruined, besmudged by his hairy toes!

"NooOOOocoOO!" I yelled.

"Oh, good," Matt said. "The way you said it, I thought you were implying at least one of us would die."

"I was referring to my waffles," I said, pushing Ted off the table. "One of us will likely die. Probably more than one of us."

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