Sunday, April 15, 2007

Solitary Unconfinement

Well, Thompson lied. I'm not dead! So stop panicking. I appreciate the flowers that are sure to arrive in the mail for me. But they are unnecessary.

I am finally out of solitary confinement and back in my Primatech Anti-Power Containment Cell. And I even got a new laptop. Ted broke my old one. Luckily, I had my novel saved online! It's a good thing. I would hate to have had to start all over.

Speaking of my novel, I can finally get back to work on it. I had a lot of time to think about it in solitary.

Foutains of the Abyss

It was a cold night. was a good start. But time to work on it and make it a masterpiece!

Let's see....

...maybe I should introduce a villain?

Well...there isn't even a Hero yet. But the setting is cool.

I love cold nights, don't you?

Ah, ha! I got it...

Yeah...this is good...


Fountains of the Abyss

It was a cold night.

Snack break! I'll finish it up later.


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Whew, that's a relief.