Friday, February 9, 2007

Professors Who Drive Taxis

I was over in New York a while back where I met this Indian genetics professor. His name was Mohinder Suresh

Turns out his father's research could be very valuable to us. It's all complicated paper stuff, you wouldn't understand.

Eden was a good friend of his. She really cared for him. I warned her not to, never get attached, I always say. Unless of course you adopt one of them as your own child and hide it from everyone. That's completely different.

But Eden never knew what to think of him. She couldn't tell if he was into her or not. She'd always come to me and ask me what I thought it meant. She assumed, being a guy, I could translate his words into his true meaning.

But even with all my manliness, this was a tough code to break. See below.

Eden: "I'd like some ice cream."

Mohinder: "Yes, but would the ice cream want you? Is it in the nature of ice cream to desire the uncold beings we call human? And yet some can be so cold. Killing elderly professors for their theories."

Meaning: "I don't have enough money for it, sorry."

Eden: "Do you like this shirt?"

Mohinder: "Could destiny be in clothes? Humans have worn clothes since the dawn of time, and yet a few remain in the nude. What is this desire to wear clothes? Is it merely a way to hide our bodies from those who would eat our biscuits if given a chance? Or is it a way to express ourselves to those very people?"

Meaning: "Yeah, but you'd look better out of it."

Eden: "I think we should talk."

Mohinder: "And yet life doesn't speak. Or does it? We often find ourselves needing to talk. We talk to the prophets who talk to God himself. We talk to the characters on our TV who talk to each other, ignoring us. We always talk. And what is the purpose? What can be accomplished through communication alone? Is its only purpose to facilitate action? Or is there inherent usefulness in this verbal game of chess?"

I don't know about that one. Any ideas?


Darkflame said...

I think the talking one means "Dont bother me while the game is on".

Anonymous said...

Eden was an <expletive>ing <expletive> <expletive> <expletive> <expletive>ing <expletive> <expletive>! I'd never treat Mohinder like that. I love him more than she ever did and he doesn't even know it.

I'll have to show him how much I adore him by following him everywhere when I get back to NY. Sylar and I have it covered!