Friday, February 16, 2007

Sylar Trap

How do I catch a crazed brain-eater? I did it once, surely I could do it again.

And so I got to work planning and plotting and eating cookies and planning some more. The cookies were really good. The planning was so-so. But the plotting. Why, I've never seen such incredible plotting before. I was sure it would work.

Admittedly, it would be a difficult capture the second time around. I wouldn't have the use of Eden's special ability, persuasion, not to be confused with her other special ability, Riverdancing.

Plus, Sylar would be expecting us. He won't so easily walk into a trap like before. I'd have to be deceitful and cunning. Two of my strongest parenting traits.

The Haitian and I gathered all kinds of drawing materials and went to work on the schematics for our ultimate Sylar trap. Of course, I did most the work. The Haitian didn't really do anything but hand me supplies. He did however make some plans of his own.

The Haitians first plan was to fish in the lake using brains for bait. This could work, if Sylar were a fish, or stole some kind of "able to breath underwater" power.

The Haitian's Plan #1

I don't know how he expected to catch Sylar by building a snowman with him.

The Haitian's Plan #2

I think his plan here was to infiltrate Sylar's school, posed as classmates or a teacher and then surprise attack him.

The Haitian's Plan #3

This plan involved him standing on a building commanding a swarm of killer birds. It was my favorite of his, but I still feared it wouldn't work.

The Haitian's Plan #4

It was up to my ultimate plot.

For my plot wasn't as silly as those of The Haitian.

My plan was one that could work.

It was pure brilliance.

The trap would be unstoppable.

There would be no way to stop the trap.

This would have to work.

My plan was perfect.

I accounted for everything imaginable.

Sylar will be mine!


Anonymous said...

Distract him with shiny objects and fast food.

That always works when people are trying to trap me! And remember vet wrap is better than duct tape.

Kitty said...

oh HRG,you're a genius

Sylar said... glasses...
evry1 nos the only way to catch a sylarz is 2 build a snoman w/ him

Kairez said...

Just a thought, but couldn't Sylar just yoink the brain from the box with his telekinesis?