Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sylar on the Loose

As much as I've tried to keep my mind off of it, I can't stop coming back to it! Sylar is on the loose. I'm sure you've heard already.

While in custody, I took him to get his nails done. We ended up at a Primatech press event and he ate a kid's brain.

I can't begin to imagine what he must be doing now that he's outside my jurisdiction.

He's no doubt wreaking havoc. The thought of havoc being wreaked upsets me. As an American. As a father. As a husband. As a human being!

We can't sit idly by and allow for such moronic people to frolic around defacing property and debraining our children. It is time we rise up and take a stand against the Sylars of this world.

So, I say to you, join me. Say "nay" to those who would take your brain. Say "nay" to those who would belittle your actions with monumentous acts of idiocy. Say "nay" to drugs. And say "nay" to Proposition 244 which would require all business owners to limit their paper consumption to 50 lbs a day.

Like my recently-deceased (I think) mother always said, "Just say Nay!" Of course, she was mentally unstable and often talked to horses. Though she did so in a stable, so perhaps her unstable mind was stabilized by the stabled horses.

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Sylar said...

u luv me mr glasses dont deny it. stop trying 2 put me down! im going to meet with the prez of the us tomorrow n ur not!!!