Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pensive Solace

I was thinking.

Since Sylar is dead, maybe it's time for me to retire. It's not like I have an adversary anymore. Continuing on in the BioPaper Industry seems a little pointless.

Dr. Hank may still find out how Sylar has been absorbing all those powers. It may take some time examining the corpse, but I'm sure the secrets will be unlocked. And then would I want to be in this business anymore?

I can only imagine what crazy things will happen with this new "technology" released to the public. Everyone will be flying around, shooting fire out their eyeballs.

Usually I'm a huge fan of progress and technology. But a world where everyone is special doesn't seem that special to me. Hopefully, it'll take years before that happens. Thirty-years or so from now, I'll be dead and they can do whatever the Hades they want.

So, I was thinking about my death too, even though it's thirty years away. Since I have plenty of time before Sylar's corpse rots, I decided to plan my funeral. Pre-arrangements are the hot thing now. And you can do it all online.

I picked out a coffin!

1 comment:

Sylar said...

Yo, you're in my latest rap, Mr. B!

And that be a nice coffin. Hopefully you don't have to use it anytime soon, dawg.