Tuesday, February 27, 2007


KDnoandkfOLn;j'adfjgona' Nonadg' Ketchup on the lefty side laniagndkena d goes boom with the god snapper adoniagnd

Butterflies are the Power Rangers of nature. They mighty morph from a catepillar into a butt-kicking machine.

But the cakes of mothers in the past never lie on the sunny side of the Pluto. Where is the van if not in the mountain train pick? I water green. kKINo!

Kinfolks! Kinfolks!! Butter in CD morning Kung Fu remix spatula cadaver. Never monkey sing a long kong. Yoko peanut brittle in the Saturday ruby spit. Never quiddle the fiddle biddle do. You? You! You. Collaborate the mesmorizing tale swishes past money scooters of napkin kings. OO! Kite parlay the fielder games may foot soldiers hand basket noodles on the pho houses.

Scared after thunder copy. Lover hold the clinic of sitter technology. The road oh so biology. Can't get grapes from a eulogy. Legalize the beverage of choice biscuits and gravy trains. Bob Eubanks????? Oh, Bob no. No Bob. Never Bob. Pat Pat Pat. SeƱor Sajak.

Go niddles, together Mount Yakato bubbles in the rain cloud of misfortunate despair lurking there. Shelly plucking nosehairs. Chalk licking beetle busters around the large oat clusters on a lost and merry go found.


Flag yellow matter festered inside cytoplasmic recovery programs. Loud bursts of amber grays. Yesterday's nails, tomorrow's pepper. Ever so clever above the heavy tower. Cower power thumb tornados!


Kitty said...

Oh Mr. Glasses, I cried last night when you got shot!!! Are you ok? I really hope so!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. It looks like Hana is using spam mail to infiltrate mr glasses's blog.

I'm surprised I didn't see an advertisement for Viagra here.

Sylar said...


the haitian haz scrambled mr glasses'seseses brain! it cant be! whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?!?!?!

Niki said...

Someone needs a vacation!

Anonymous said...


Because God hates people who try to steal would-be husbands away from stalker fat girls, that's why.