Thursday, February 1, 2007

LOL & Solace

I checked up on Sylar's Blog and literally ROFLMAOed! I just had to write about it.

Hank has taken it upon himself to write on Sylar's Blog. I suppose it is a nice way to rub Sylar's death in the faces of his brainless readers.

It is so like Hank to do that. He's quite the jokester. A very funny guy. Hank the Jokester, we call him. And he loves his practical jokes!

I bet that's why he put "P.S. This is not a trap." Last Christmas Party he pulled an incredible prank.

We were all having a good time in the Primatech Community Room. Music was playing. People were dancing. Animals were mingling with the guests. (We hired a local petting zoo for entertainment. They had a Christmas special that included a Santa/Professional Animal Petter.)

I must have had a little too much to drink because I recall hitting on the fat lady from Dunder-Mifflin. Actually, come to think of it, it may have just been Rufus's wife. That makes more sense because we wouldn't invite our competitors to our own Christmas party. That would be insane!

Then, Santa comes running into the room, "Help! There's a dead man in that room!"

At first I thought he discovered Tito. He was a special person who could spray odor-eating disinfectant from his fingertips. Unfortunately, we put him up against a smell too powerful for even his stench-fighting skills. He was suffocated to death by Michael Moore's briefs.

We ran into the room and were horrified to see Hank, laying on a table, dead. I lost it. "What the Hades have you done to him?" I yelled as I grabbed Santa by his white beard.

Then, as I threatened to bust a cap in Santa's jolly ass, Hank said, "Boo!"

Santa's Jolly Ass

I released Santa from the near-fatal hold and gave Hank a hug. "Oh, you!" I said. "That was a good one. You really had me fooled."

We had him go back to being dead so we could all get pictures with him. I just don't remember him looking so realistically dead.

Wow! Look at the time. Sylar's corpse is probably half-way decomposed by now. You know what? Let it decompose. I feel like writing another Hank anecdote, and this one has Lisa!


Sylar said...

Yo, we've had a lot of good times, haven't we Mr. B? I hope some unforeseen incident doesn't somehow end our relationship! That would be devastating, yo.

- Hank

Anonymous said...

Just remember -- don't turn around in his cell when you go check on him! It's not like he's alive or anything, so you shouldn't have to. ^_^

Mr. Muggles said...

Boy, Hank getting very cocky.